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Rewatch our webinar recordings

On The Stage Fundraising Suite Launch

Watch our launch event to discover how the powerful Fundraising Suite can transform your relationship to theatre self-funding.

Funding Strategies for your Theatre

Here's how you can identify funding opportunities, drive donations and get started with grant applications.

Producing Devised Theatre & Original Content

Discover where to source original theatrical content and how to keep the production process smooth and effective.

Rebuilding & Re-Engaging Your Audience

Get patrons back to your theatre, promote your productions and reconnect with former fans while attracting new ones.


Learn how to plan your season around a theme, reach your audience and balance competing needs.


Learn practical ways to create a more understanding, inclusive, and equitable arts theatre community.

How Your Theatre Can Best Serve Your Community

Discover how to diversify your patron base, drive engagement with outreach strategies and build partnerships with peer groups.

Using technology to deliver a quality theatre experience

Use technology you already have to amplify your productions, and  deliver the best experience to your cast, crew and audience.

How to get through spring as a theatre maker

Find out how to stay agile and creative in unpredictable circumstances, and how to serve your community despite challenges.

The Art of the Pivot - A LIVE CONVERSATION + Q&A

Discover how artists can emerge from crisis stronger than ever, and apply Broadway-level creative strategies at any level of production.